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Live Set from Familiar 0101

Here's the recording from the May 25th and 26th Familiar 0101 performances. There's an interesting mix of artists in this from Spain, the U.S. and Japan. My set's the first track. Stream the whole thing here:

For more streaming and download options check archive.org:
Familiar 0101 Live Sets

A Very Special Message

An uplifting and heartfelt message of motivation and inspiration.

Festival Familiar #0101

Rudio, DIY & Chicharrones
(Noise, DIY & Fried Pork Skins)

Festival Familiar #0101: Rudio, DIY y Chicharrones

The first Photon Ghoul performance since 2010, although that was under the name Phoenix
In Obsidian. I'm playing the first night of the Familiar Festival, which is a time of
getting together and making sound gadgets, workshops and performances in Seville, Spain.

More information at the Familiar Fest website (in Spanish):